Single Purpose Of Moment EP

by Power Play



released March 28, 2013

Recorded at Bambrafone Studio
Mixed by Taylor Young
Mastered by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege Studio)



all rights reserved


Power Play Kiev, Ukraine

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Track Name: Stepping On Heads
Natural-born loser.
Surrounded by scum, I never had a chance.
But one day I'll get out of this swamp,
I'm breaking free by stepping on your stupid heads.

Living in a gutter,
there's only lot of a little and little of a lot,
Looks like this place is cursed,
But my time will come.
Seeing all these worthless faces,
That only make me fuckin sick,
Gives me strength to get over it,
So my time will come.

Every day I pass through one and the same.
Every day it's getting harder to spit on the face of my destiny.
Every day I see the bottom where you try me to race,
But don't even hope, cuz you won't see me fail.

I'm breaking free by stepping on your stupid heads!
Track Name: Saturday Night
How much I fuckin love
Sweet taste of blood on my lips.
It's a saturday night,
I don't care who's right.

Clenching my fist to you,
I'm here, what you gonna do?
The city's calling and I accept the challenge.
I'll fight you one on one, till your crooked smile's gone.
The street will be the ring for us and your one and only judge.

How much I fucking love
Sweet taste of blood on my lips.
It's a saturday night,
It's time to rid with pressure built inside,
to let it all go
Track Name: Viperous Eyes
I am so sick of looking in your viperous eyes,
I tried to see there something pure, again and again.
But only filth and greed and this pathetic envy
are traits you won't get rid from,
no matter how you've endeavored.

I'm not your kind, never was, never will.
It's a mistake to blame on me the shit you're drowning yourself,
You better stay the fuck away from me.

I've separated myself,
from all, that could remind me you,
Cuz even a single thought of what a rat you are
Makes my stomach turn.

So get outta my way, mothafucka!
Just step the fuck back!

Once I trusted you,
I always wanted to
Till the day you had the guts
To show your real face,
hidden behind the mask of innocence and hartedness, -
Something, that is actually unusual to you.
Track Name: Ready To Suffocate
Ominous silence of the impending doom,
walls came alive and they narrow to crush me.
Feels like I stuck in some neglected, lightless, musty room.
There's no way out so I guess, it's time for...

Meeting face to face with death,
in the confined space without a single molecule of air
And I'm ready to suffocate.
Meeting face to face
With an old and unwelcome mate,
The devil's here and he whispers in my ear:
get ready to suffocate.

Time to be torn apart, time to get crushed.
I'm facing my worst nightmare and I won't be wake again.
Track Name: Single Purpose Of Moment
Trying to live,
Like I've already died,
Live being true to the single purpose of moment.
Letting my path be a crystalline,
Letting myself at the end succeed in my calling.

Cuz life's a goddamn bitch,
You never know what a new day brings,
What if it won't ever come?
Your drab existence was a completely waste.

Letting myself succeed,
I'll cut you, if you're against me.